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Natural Massage Oil for Intimate Area & Body

Contains premium natural ingredients
No artificial fragrances and additive


Boost Libido
& Mood
Skin Brightening
Nourishes &
Heals Skin
Reduce Menopause

Stay Fresh & Healthy

Avoid contact
with eyes
Keep the bottle
closed & store
in cool place
Keep out of
reach children
Discontinue if
irritation / redness

Replace KY gel
with Desire during
Hoo Haa!!

Use Desire as your
relaxing massage
oil to calm your emotion

Apply Desire daily
as moisturizer on
intimate area & body
to block UV & lighten

Apply Desire to
massage intimate
area & other body
parts to boosts
your mood & libido


Virgin Coconut Oil
Argan Oil
Virgin Olive Oil
Patchouli Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Rose Geranium
Essential Oil

Stay Fresh & Healthy

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