Pre-pregnant Package


(6 x Gynae Roova+2.0 / set)
(1 x Vaginal Douche / set)
(1 x Gynae Mousse / set)
(1 x Gynae Spray / set)
(6 x Kacip Fatimah Capsules / set)



Pre-Pregnant Package
(6 x Gynae Roova+2.0 / set) - Has active sterilization and excellent antibacterial properties
(1 x Vaginal Douche / set) - Suitable for adult female clean vagina and perineum
(1 x Gynae Mousse / set) - Helps prevent inflammation and infection
(1 x Gynae Spray / set) - Maintains the natural pH balance of female’s intimate areas
(6 x Kacip Fatimah Capsules / set) - Helps to balance hormones, improve micro-circulatory disorders caused by endocrine


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